The Plan Graphics for Feature Documentary

Michael Stenberg directed a wonderfully ambitious film about what we all can do while waiting in vain for the politicians to save the world from climate disaster. The Plan is millions of small Plans, connected. I directed and designed a sprawling mass of shots and graphics to help spread the message.

Check out the poster and some of my concept sketches below the movie. Click the images for a closer look!

A Foreign Office Production

Director Designer: Fredrik Nordbeck
Co-Director: Matteo Manzini
2D Designer Animator: Nina Pfeifenberger
2D Designer Animator: Gideon Prins
2D Designer Animator: Ian Sargent
3D Animator: Will Macneil
Producer: Elin Tiberg
Production Manager: Sean Simone
Client: Biospheric Pictures Sweden
Project: Graphics for feature
Date: 2010