Mrs Henderson Presents Feature Titles

I co-directed and did the compositing and type design for this largely hand-animated title sequence for Stephen Frears’ 2005 feature about a society lady running a Soho strip club. No efforts were spared to give this sequence a crafted period feel, and the result speaks for itself. Beautiful design and animation by Matteo Manzini, amazing cel animation by the talented Nicolette van Gendt and superb 3D work by Paolo Lonzi deserves a mention.

A Foreign Office Production

Director Animator: Matteo Manzini
Co-Director: Sonia Ortiz Alcón
Co-Director Typographer: Fredrik Nordbeck
Cel animator: Nicolette van Gendt
3D Animator: Paolo Lonzi
Comper: Fredrik Nordbeck
Producer: Grant Branton
Line Producer: Mauricio Matamoros
Production Manager: Sean Simone
Client: Pathé Pictures/BBC Films
Project: Title Sequence for feature
Date: July 2005