A series of graphics/User Interface screens for the amazing, bonkers cinema smash hit Kingsman. The story is pretty wild and the graphics are essential for driving it all along. Blind Ltd, one of the world’s foremost studios specialising in UI graphics for cinema, delivered a large number of shots for this film and I worked on a few of them, as part of a crack team during the sweltering London summer of 2014. Good times! It’s a very funny film.

Company: Blind Ltd
Supervisor: Andrew Booth
Lead Designer: Yugen Blake
Producer: Helen Baker
Animator/Designer: Fredrik Nordbeck
Animator/Designer: Ian Sargent
Animator/Designer: Ernesto Porto
Animator/Designer: Matt Tsang
Client: Marv/20th Century Fox
Project: Design and Animation of media content for feature film
Date: 2015