In Prison My Whole Life Graphics for Feature Documentary

A good example of the many politically charged projects we kept going at Foreign Office. Mumia Abu Jamal sat on death row for 25 years, following a problematic trial by a racist jury in 1981. Since then Mumia has fought an eloquent fight for civil rights with his prison radio, and through never-tiring efforts – hopefully including this very film directed by Marc Evans – his sentence was commuted to life in 2012. We created the graphics for the film as a passionate attempt at contributing a voice to the voiceless.

A Foreign Office Production

Director Designer: Matteo Manzini
Co-Dir Designer: Fredrik Nordbeck
Animator: Gideon Prins
Animator: Stéphane Coedel
Producer: Jade Caffoor
Client: Fandango Pictures
Project: Title Sequence for feature
Date: Summer 2007