FIVER On-Air Identity

The blinking cursor in the Fiver logo became a window, flashing you glimpses of Fiverworld, an imagined place of entertainment and fun. The lego-like design of Fiverworld became the building blocks for the rest of the channel branding. Featuring ace 3D animation by Will Macneil.

In 2012 the channel became Five Star so we refreshed the idents using the same concept but a new logo:
Watch Five Star idents

A Foreign Office Production

Director: Fredrik Nordbeck
Co-Director: Matteo Manzini
2D Animator: Gideon Prins
3D Animator: Will Macneil
3D Animator: Zak Ezzati
3D Animator: Sylvain Delaine
Music composer: Denis Ducasse
Producer: Jen Lane
Production Ass: Sean Simone
Client: Channel Five UK
Project: On-air identity
Date: March 2010