Children of Men Media content

One of my favourites. Director Alfonso Cuarón needed a whole world of advertising and propaganda for his amazing and dark-hearted feature. He gave the Foreign Office team a lot of freedom to explore ideas of a world where children are no longer born. We wrote, filmed, designed and animated a lot of nice stuff for this show.

A Foreign Office Production
Graphics Director: Fredrik Nordbeck
Graphics Director: Sonia Ortiz Alcón
2D Animator: Matteo Manzini
2D Animator/Computer Systems: Mark Coleran
2D Animator/Advertising: Ben Beckett
2D Animator:  Gideon Prins
Producer:  Antony Bluff
Line Producer:  Grant Branton
Production Manager:  Sean Simone
Client:  Universal Pictures
Project: Media content for feature
Date: Summer 2006